kyoshi kuppuraj

Master Kyoshi. P. Kuppuraj who has dedicated his entire life for the Karate which includes almost 36 years of training experience given to his students and is still going. He is also the trainer of the Salem District Karate Training School.

I have been giving training and knowledge about the importance of karate martial arts in a most innovative ways to Several Thousand Students & Youths in a most admirable manner. I have dedicated most of my life time as a teacher and as a (Karate) Martial arts trainer. I have been building up the energy and health for this art and being (using) up for the thousands of candidates to improve their energy in martial arts. Due to these enormous and distinguishable efforts I have been affectionately called as the "Father of Karate (Martial arts)" in Salem District. The following are the achievements made by me in various arena of the martial arts. (i) Have been awarded and rewarded as a master in master technical seminar at world masters confederation held on 6th Delhi. (ii) My students (has got) bagged first two places in world Karate Championship (2006) held at Hyderabad under the helm of Sveldo Messlas Oliveira (W.UKO) Grand Master Brazil. This is me of great achievement to me as a martial arts trainer. (iii) In 2007, I have been rewarded by the Okinawa Kobudo Grand Master Giyu Gibo 9th getting training in Kobudo was an unfortunately and remarkable achievement.

In 2013 again we were participate in the WUKF Tournament under Hyderabad Organiser Master.C.Hanumantha Rao held on New Delhi. My Students (Cluny Matriculation, Senthil Public School, Saradha Matri.Hr.Sec.School, Girls) got Many Prizes. In addition to this there are various other minor achievements to my credit and to my students. The students are also encouraged by the awards and rewards given by the world recognized masters and hence lots and lots of students are joining in the Karate Training School. I have been producing good quality martial arts students to compete in a world national level championship and the above achievements acknowledge this.

Film Actor Kuppuraj

Master kuppuraj was performed More than 10 tamil and telugu Movies. His Milestone of the film Abavanan's ''Inaintha Kaigal" perform with Ramki and Arunpandiyan.